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World Ocean Day Down Under

World Ocean Day Down Under

– Written by Sophia Skarpis, World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council member from Australia

It was sun and fun in Brisbane on 24 January 2024 to launch the inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under, a collaborative effort in a first-ever National Partnership between The Ocean Project | World Ocean Day and Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). During CVA’s season of action for the ocean, wetlands and rivers, people across Australia are taking part in over 75 community volunteering Action Projects.

The kick-off day in Brisbane was not just a celebration, but also a profound acknowledgment of the vital role our ocean plays in sustaining life on Earth. Our ocean is not merely a body of water; it’s our lifeline, providing us with the very air we breathe, sustaining our food sources, and regulating our climate.

As volunteers gathered along the shoreline of Nudgee Beach, armed with gloves, bags, and a shared determination, the scene was a powerful testament to our deep connection with the ocean and the urgent need to protect it. The community came together to celebrate World Ocean Day Down Under by cleaning up Nudgee Beach. The sight of individuals coming together to initiate the cleanup efforts spoke volumes about our collective commitment to preserving our precious marine ecosystems.

As the Australian representative on the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, it was an honour to engage in insightful discussions about the impact of plastic pollution and the imperative need for a fundamental shift in our relationship with plastic. Together, our collaborative endeavours resulted in the diversion of a significant 21.2kg of waste from entering our ocean.

World Ocean Day Down Under transcends being just a one-day event; it’s a call to action for all Australians to step forward and play their part in safeguarding our ocean for generations to come. Through initiatives like the “Sea the Change” campaign, CVA is spearheading efforts to promote ocean health and climate stability.

Recognising that merely cleaning up isn’t enough, we must tackle the issue at its source. Education serves as the catalyst for change, and today’s cleanup served as a valuable tool in understanding the impact of our actions on the natural environment. It’s time to address plastic pollution at its root, reshape our future, and amplify the power of our collective voices. Let’s continue making waves of positive change together.

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Join us in the fight against ocean pollution! Download the CVA Community Hub app today and become part of our mission to empower 1 million people by 2030 to take action for nature in Australia. Together, we can turn beach cleanups into a thing of the past and create the way for a cleaner, healthier future for our ocean, wetlands, and rivers.

Note: Also, see also the 12 Months of Action in March and April for ways to join with others around the world to help create a strong Global Plastics Treaty this year!

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