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We Earthlings: Recycling Plastic Bottles & Caps

We Earthlings: Recycling Plastic Bottles & Caps

We could eliminate almost 23% of plastic pollution by recycling all plastic bottles and caps. You can help by choosing products made with recycled plastic and recycling diligently, according to your local guidelines.

When recycling plastic bottles, should you leave the caps on or take them off? Different recycling programs have different requirements, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with your local program’s requirements. Many programs will ask you to remove the caps and throw them away because the caps pop off when processing and can jam the equipment. But plastic caps can be recycled with the proper equipment. Find out if there’s a location near you that recycles plastic caps — just enter your ZIP code in this Earth911 recycling search.

Data source: The Plastic BAN List

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Earthlings: Recycling plastic bottles and caps

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