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We Earthlings: Choose Peat-Free Garden Products

We Earthlings: Choose Peat-Free Garden Products

Why would we caution you to choose peat-free garden products? After all, peat moss is naturally occurring; it’s a useful amendment for garden soil and a common ingredient in potting soil.

But unfortunately, the harvesting of peat has harmful consequences for wetland ecosystems, which provide wildlife habitat nurseries and migration stopovers. Wetlands also play a vital role in flood control and filtering water pollutants. And because wetlands absorb and store carbon, they are critical for slowing climate change. The peat harvesting process requires draining the wetlands before scraping the peat off of the soil. The process releases carbon dioxide, a major contributor to climate change.

Don’t worry, there are other soil amendments that are safer for the planet. And if you’re having trouble finding potting soil without peat, you can mix up your own potting soil without it!

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Choose peat-free garden products

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