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In a significant move, Ecuador is to ban oil drilling in part of the Amazon rainforest

In a significant move, Ecuador is to ban oil drilling in part of the Amazon rainforest


The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

By Anders Lorenzen

A significant referendum result in the South American country Ecuador has been celebrated by environmentalists.

Seen with both local, national and international eyes the ban on oil development in part of the Yasuni Amazon reserve passed, with an overwhelming 59% of the vote, could be a game change for the area and the beginning of the restoration of the world’s largest and most important forest.

The outcome of the referendum result gives the state oil company, Petroecuador, a year to shut down production in the 43-ITT block, estimated to reduce the country’s oil production by 12%.


It was celebrated by indigenous leaders and environmentalists alike. Juan Bay, president of the Waorani Indigenous community said: “We will follow up to make sure the government respects the decision of the Ecuadorean people. We have saved the greatest biodiversity and we have saved the communities in voluntary isolation.”

An example of the rich biodiversity, that will now be saved, is the fact that a single hectare (2.5 acres) of the Yasuni has 650 species of trees, as well as hundreds of species of animals, according to the environment ministry.

The ban has added to the debate around economic growth while protecting the environment. Pro-resource extraction voices argue that the strong economy these industries are providing is needed to protect the environment and eradicate corruption.
Petroecuador has previously argued a ban would cost Ecuador $13.8 billion in income over the next two decades. Last week the central bank predicted it could lead to a 1.9% reduction in projected economic growth between this year and 2026.

But regardless of whether these figures are accurate, the majority of the people of Ecuador have said that protecting the environment must take top priority. Optimistic environmentalists hope this is the first step in beginning to heal the Amazon rainforest which scientists have said it nearing irreversible tipping points.

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