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Wind powers the creation of these cannabis products

Wind powers the creation of these cannabis products

What’s better than accessible legal cannabis? Ethical and sustainable cannabis. That’s the mission of LEUNE Founder and CEO Nidhi Lucky Handa. She is using the brand’s platform to raise awareness on social injustice and promote sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry. Additionally, to elevate conversations surrounding cannabis culture and lifestyle.

Four different color packaging that reads Leune on them from dark blue, yellow, white, orange and a black container

LEUNE is committed to producing low carbon footprint consumer product packaging. LEUNE all-in-one vaporizer pens and pre-rolls come in reusable and recyclable aluminum tin cases. Moreover, LEUNE PAX pods are sold in recyclable cartons made with wind energy. 

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A scattered spread of a container, some paper and a candle

Through multiple aspects of a business, it’s the thorough thinking that deserves respect. LEUNE greened cannabis from the packaging down to the social impact of the company. Such as, LEUNE has long-term partnerships with The Last Prisoner Project and the Floret Coalition. They are also a sponsor of Eaze Momentum. 

A person lays down with a blue container with the words LEUNE in the upper left corner

In particular, Eaze Momentum is a business accelerator that supports underrepresented founders to build diverse industry. Meanwhile, The Last Prisoner Project works to bring justice and freedom to those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis convictions. Finally, Broccoli Mag’s Floret Coalition is an anti-racist collective of small businesses related to the cannabis space that fund and support equity-oriented actions through donations and social campaigns. They raise funds and awareness for organizations that prioritize the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities.

A light pink LEUNE container against a green backdrop

Additionally, LEUNE is working on some new products. The new Gem Drop Rosin Gummy edibles are made with real fruit extracts. They are 100% vegan, gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. Lastly, they come in yummy flavors like blackberry lemon with spirulina, strawberry rhubarb and mango peach.


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