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We Earthlings: Two Months More Wildfire Season

We Earthlings: Two Months More Wildfire Season

CO2 emissions are warming the planet more every year, contributing to longer, more dangerous wildfire seasons. As of 2023, wildfire season has grown by two months per year in the West. From smoke days to the loss of entire communities to wildfire conflagrations, the consequences of our continuing use of fossil fuels has already transformed life.

What kind of changes can you make? Plenty! Reduce food waste to prevent landfill methane emissions that warm the atmosphere 28 times more than CO2. Drive less, walk more — you’ll be healthier and your community will enjoy less traffic and air pollution. The choices you make can lower emissions and help prevent future wildfires.

Print and share We Earthling posters to inspire others with stories about nature and the difference each of us can make.

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