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Viewpoint: Positive festive reflections

Viewpoint: Positive festive reflections

Parts of the clean energy sector have had a difficult year, but things could improve in 2024.

By Anders Lorenzen

2023 is the warmest year ever recorded since records began, the year has throughout the planet set one climate-induced extreme weather event after the other, the latest scientific research on climate change gets bleaker and bleaker, and world leaders only just about managed to scrape together and agree at a new UN climate agreement during COP28 and one that is far less ambitious than the climate science demands.

Therefore how can one go into the festive break in any other mindset than utterly despair?

Here at A greener life, a greener world we share much of that despair, but we are also encouraged by many positive developments. 

Here are a couple of positive trends we are encouraged about:

Brands that get it

Throughout 2023 we have worked with many global brands and organisations who all want to be part of the sustainable transition and revolution. It is clear you have to separate all the companies that are merely interested in greenwashing, but that is easily done and easily spotted. We will only collaborate with anyone genuine with their sustainability agenda. But we have genuinely been impressed about how far some companies are going and the extent of their ambitions, we very much believe that trend will continue into 2024. We will continue to call out brands who promote unsustainable activities such as we did here with Black Friday.

It is being talked about

And crucially if you end up having a climate change debate around the dinner table when together with family or friends this festive season, the climate-sceptic angle is less likely to happen. During 2023 the issue of climate change was a key issue throughout the year in terms of what was frequently most talked about, even though two specific wars were competing for media space. For instance, some of the most popular podcasts are frequently taking up climate change issues and it is not to dismiss the science, of all the articles published on climate change far fewer have a climate skeptic angle than previously.

Clean energy is staying strong

2023 was a tough year for many clean energy technologies, with the cost of living crisis, the rise of interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues having been specifically tough on the offshore wind industry with other technologies impacted too. But despite this, the sector has stayed strong and is on course to weather the storm. An ambitious pledge to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030 was announced during COP28.

This festive season, do not forget about the climate crisis – but do not despair about it either.

Whether you may or may not be taking part in any celebrations we wish everyone a happy festive period.

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