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Use these stackable aluminum storage crates for anything

Use these stackable aluminum storage crates for anything

Versatile aluminum storage crate KGT designed by Studio CP — RV offers a new way to make whatever you need to store disappear in plain sight. The design partnership between Util and CP — RV created a stackable storage solution for a world where people are inhabiting smaller and less permanent spaces.

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Silver crates stacked one on top of each other to create a tower

The design of KGT was based on crates to transport fruits or vegetables. The designers turned it into a stackable furniture that looks clean on the outside while hiding whatever is inside it. It can fit into small spaces, store things vertically and fit with a variety of indoor decors.

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A man sitting down with a woman standing behind him

On the other hand, CP — RV is a design studio run by Camille Paillard and Romain Voulet, who work between London and Marseille. They design products, home furnishings, interior spaces and objects people live with. Paillard has experience in interior design, while Voulet has a background in industrial design. With those backgrounds, it leads to varying perspectives but complementary input going into design projects.

A brown crate filled with fruits and vegetables

“[Furniture] could be decorative, but our vision for KGT is more about making things disappear while still being accessible,” the designers said. “We like storage that is reduced and integrates well with our own furniture. We don‘t think storage furniture should be a statement.”

Grey, tan, peach and brown-colored crates stacked in two stacks

Additionally, KGT hangs off a wall vertically if needed. It can also become a display shelf or stored on the floor like an ottoman or bookshelf. Versatility was key to the design, which is important for how people use storage pieces.

A man wearing a blue cap and dark blue long-sleeve stares at a crate filled with a glass of ice and fruits beside it

“If you make things simple enough, people will find their own way to use them,” said the designers. “When we were designing KGT, we thought first of a discreet way of storing, stacking and carrying things. We realized that the dimensions of the box were potentially working in a variety of applications.”

+ Studio CP — RV

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