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This summer home in Brazil is a beautiful staycation

This summer home in Brazil is a beautiful staycation

A Sao Paolo, Brazil, home completed in Santo Andre by Anastasia Arquitetos is a unique take on a multi-block sustainable residence on beach-facing terrain. FL Residence is divided into three blocks connected by covered walkways open to the breeze. Gardens sit between the different portions of the structure, creating an almost treehouse-like feel to the private sections of the home.

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A wooden home hidden among palm trees

In the first block, there are three guest suites. While the second block houses the living and dining rooms, a kitchen and laundry area. In the third block, suites on the second floor sit atop an open space on the lower floor, which is the large balcony that serves as a leisure area. This allows the view of the beach from the living area of the second block to be unobstructed by the third block. All suites therefore face the beach and morning sun.

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A connecting bamboo bridge between buildings

On the other hand, north and west facades are protected by ceramic brick walls or by large pivoting doors. This is a summer house designed to be low maintenance, and it’s only accessible by ferry, so the architects say they opted for a more traditional construction system that could make use of local labor. The house is built with reinforced concrete and masonry. Woodwork was mostly completed by local workers, and the ceramic bricks were made locally in the village nearby.

Interior living room area with wooden chandeliers hanging in the background to a white couch and seating area

Additionally, wood panels elevated ceilings is paired with generous overhangs on balconies. Neutral palette furniture and other wood paneling inside the home finishes the effect of a peaceful retreat space. The open-air area under the second-floor guest suite block connects seamlessly with a wooden deck and pool.

An outside pool area in front of the home

We love the attention to detail on the placement of sunlight and natural ventilation in this breezy design. It’s also low waste because of its locally-sourced materials and construction labor. The house is unique in its placement of gardens below bridges between two of the blocks. It creates a refuge for wildlife, and as a relaxing retreat that is both social and private for residents.

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