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This reusable bag replaces 300 plastic zip lock bags

This reusable bag replaces 300 plastic zip lock bags

How many plastic zip lock bags have you thrown away in the last year? Yeah, we’re not really comfortable answering that question either. The answer is more than we’d like to admit, even though we’re fairly conscious about plastic waste.

Rezip reusable bags on a black and white countertop

Reusable baggies have been on the market for years, but miss the mark for food that requires upright storage, a resealable zipper or needs to fold flat for storage in the freezer. A new line of reusable bags called (re)zip, launched in 2020, can do all those things, while replacing 300 plastic baggies apiece.

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Three reusable bags that mimic how a plastic Ziploc looks like. Each bag is filed with miscellaneous objects such as a nail clipper and power cord

(Re)zip bags are simple. They’re BPA-free, lead-free baggies that can be hand washed and reused or stored in the freezer. And they come in a wide variety of sizes for all kinds of food storage. Additionally, they can stand upright or fold flat and used for all kinds of other goods.

A reusable bag filled with vegetables with a knife set behind it and two orange peppers with a knife in front of it all on a cutting board

Some ways you can use the (re)zip bags:

  • Take your cellphone kayaking.
  • Store dry goods like flour or coffee in convenient containers, especially dry goods that need a container of an unusual size.
  • Store spices, craft supplies, paperclips, charger cords or even makeup.
  • Create a storage container for odds and ends you keep in your car.
Four reusable bags. From <a href='https://birkenheadcommunityradio.com/?p=164' target='_blank'>back</a> to front: contains an extension cord, oranges, napkins with a plate and a fork and spoon and the last holding lettuce” class=”wp-image-2335983 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/03/Lay-Flat_4-Piece-Kit_Gallon_Clear_variety-889×715.jpg” data-idx=”4″ data-postid=”2335390″ width=”889″ height=”715″></figure>
<p>The list goes on and on. Instead of throwing away a plastic baggie every time you finish using it, (re)zip <a href=bags just keeps going. There are 300 uses for it. With careful use, you can probably keep these for life.

A reusable bag containing Q-tips sitting beside a stack of towels, a lit candle and a toothbrush

What’s more, these bags are affordable. A starter kit of various sizes can contain anywhere from two to eight bags and costs only about $16 to $30. It’s well worth a try to keep a little plastic out of the landfill and oceans, and have storage bags on hand when you need them.

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