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These modular furniture focus on sustainable production

These modular furniture focus on sustainable production

The premise behind Loose Parts, a sustainably-minded furniture company, is to make furniture from organic materials and ensure a long lifespan. The goal is to keep furniture out of the landfills, investing instead in a modular design and repair services. 

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A sofa, coffee table in front of it and a standing lamp beside the sofa

Founder Jennifer June believes in circular design. Inasmuch, the mission at Loose Parts is to make furniture that is flexible enough to serve multiple functions and change with the needs of the user. The furniture systems are made up of versatile parts that can be endlessly configured and reconfigured. That means a display shelf can convert to a garment rack and later become a table or a plant stand. 

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A table with wooden chairs placed beside a stove and oven

Furthermore, the wood for Loose Parts furniture is sourced from ethically and sustainably-managed forests. FSC-certified wood is used whenever possible. Otherwise, they aim to source certified and recycled/reclaimed woods. They also stand against wood that is illegally harvested, violates civil rights, counterbalances conservation efforts, is cut as a result of clearing for non-forest use and/or is grown among genetically-modified trees.

A clothes hanger with a blue table

Moreover, these natural, single-origin wood materials speak to the importance of environmental and human health in relation to furniture. For their efforts, Loose Parts earned several recognitions, including a high rating from The National Wildlife Federation and Sustainable Furnishings Council. Loose Parts also received a Declare label, which shows every ingredient that goes into the making of the furniture, right down to the chemical makeup of the finishes they uses. 

A clothes hanger, shelf, table and benches

A primary goal of Loose Parts is to maximize usable life through quality materials and modular design. In addition, Loose Parts offers a repair service where furniture can be repaired and resurfaced rather than sent to the dump. 

Individual wooden furniture parts and shelving disassembled into Loose Parts

The company reports, “By rethinking furniture as a system rather than a stand alone object means you can stay inspired while limiting waste. In other words, you can update a part rather than throw out the whole thing.”

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