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The alcohol company that is committed to good on Earth

The alcohol company that is committed to good on Earth

JuneShine is an alcohol brand with a serious commitment to sustainability. For starters, they source 100% clean energy, combining carbon-free solar and wind energy through SDGE’s Power100 program. They use 100% organic ingredients and upcycled an old brewery for their operations. Furthermore, they use glassware instead of plastic in the breweries, treat wastewater to reuse it, use recycled products and source local organic food for the JuneShine restaurant Enclave. JuneShine makes tequila, rum, vodka and hard kombucha. It’s a unique brewery, and an even more unique company that is committed to sustainable operations on all fronts.

Packets of different JuneShine alcohol and beverages displayed on a wooden table

Believe it or not, that’s just the beginning of how JuneShine continues to work toward fully sustainable operations. Right now, it’s a complicated thing to turn a brewery green, because everything from energy to packaging and shipping carbon footprint needs to be addressed. JuneShine donates one percent of sales to 1% For The Planet. They request their suppliers to get USDA Organic certified where possible and uses a display menu to avoid paper menu waste.

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Different six-pack drinks form JuneShine

Furthermore, the company currently uses cardboard six-pack holders instead of plastic. However, they are still working to use printed cans instead of plastic wrapped cans. JuneShine is also working to turn green spaces into community gardens, working toward using recycled water for brewery lawns.

Different colored cans in teal, pink and orange with glasses filled with yellow and orange beverages

If you’re looking to green your own business or just your lifestyle, here are some tips we’re seeing coming out of the hospitality, restaurant and alcohol industries this year.

A blue spread with blue cans, lemons, glass drinks filled with a light green beverage, ropes and postcards

Green products: From ingredients to packaging, one of the most obvious ways to green your lifestyle or your business is to consider the sustainability of the products you’re using. This includes ingredients and packaging in the products you create or use daily.

Green energy: Many local energy companies now have clean energy programs that allow you to buy in to wind or solar energy as a percentage of your overall energy usage. It may cost a bit more, so it’s often optional, but this can save you having to install your own solar system.

Upcycling: JuneShine may be the first time we’ve heard of a brewery upcycling an entire facility for operations, but if you think about it, that’s not really so uncommon. Instead of building a business from the ground up, consider refurbishing an existing building that already comes close to your needs.

Community involvement: Many programs now make it easier for individuals and business owners to reduce their carbon footprint. Consider joining a program like 1% For The Planet that helps you find ways to give back to the community and the climate.

Shipping and carbon footprint: If you ship products to or from your location, you probably know that this has a climate impact. Reducing product size, greening packaging or creating closed loops of reusable packaging can all make a difference to reduce carbon footprint from shipping.

Two hands from either side of the photo holding a drink and pouring a drink into a cup

In the case of JuneShine, they’ve decided to partner with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to plant trees that were used to make their cartons. They source cardboard and paperboard that were made from sustainably managed forests and that plant only native trees to protect biodiversity and habitat.

Three glass kombucha bottles from red to orange to yellow on a white wooden table

JuneShine alcohol is “bubbly, fruity and boozy,” and, we should add, very sustainable.

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