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Sustainable design guides the eco-conscious Trellis House

Sustainable design guides the eco-conscious Trellis House

Trellis House in Washington D.C. goes above and beyond to deliver on climate promises to residents of this new eco-friendly apartment building. What’s better than a new LEED Platinum mixed-income apartment building? A LEED Platinum development that reduces the environmental effects of the previous on-site development. Trellis House not only delivers sustainable design and healthy indoor living spaces but also reduces the heat island effect and consumes 21% less energy than the site’s previous building.

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The corner of an apartment building informed by sustainable design.

Trellis House is a multi-family mid-rise apartment building project in Washington, D.C., developed by Rise Real Estate to address community needs on all levels. It is mixed-income, mixed-use and sits just across the street from Howard University. The building’s design reduces the heat island effect from the site’s previous development by introducing a green roof and non-absorptive hardscape materials. Voluntary remediation to remove underground storage tanks and contaminated soil from the prior development also improves the site’s health and safety.

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A painting on the wall next to a marble front desk.

The dense, pedestrian-friendly project offers easy access to transportation, employment and recreation areas. The building even includes a yoga studio, fitness center, pool, pet spa, hydroponic garden and electric vehicle charging stations. Bicycle storage for residents encourages sustainable transportation. The project even saves 21% more energy than the baseline building and uses 30% less water.

A lobby area.

Alongside high-efficiency equipment and appliances in the building, ventilation systems deliver outside air for a healthy indoor environment for residents. Further, construction favored recycled, locally sourced and low-emitting materials.

An apartment.

This smart design combines environmentally friendly and wellness-focused features for a high-end and healthy living space. Trellis House’s sustainable design even won the project a National Association of Home Builders’ 2019 Best in American Living Silver Award. Judges praised the development for its “unexpected” details and embracing “the history and context of the neighborhood while delivering the first multifamily midrise LEED Platinum-certified project in the Washington D.C. market.”

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