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Sustainability is a top priority at this Texas office

Sustainability is a top priority at this Texas office

View, a leading creator of smart building technologies, announced its Smart Windows were installed at Uplands II. It is a 124,081-square-feet health and wellness office building in Austin, Texas. The recently completed Uplands II property, developed by Drawbridge Realty, is located on a 48-acre site and is the second building in the Uplands Corporate Center in Austin. The property was designed for a post-COVID office environment with tenant health and wellness and building sustainability as the top priorities.

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Interior lobby of an office features white walls and an upper level

View Smart Windows are fitted throughout the Uplands II building to provide a healthier environment. They also increase energy efficiency and maximize natural light. As a result, they enhance the building’s panoramic views of the renowned Texas Hill Country and Austin’s business district.

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A multi-floor office has its lights on from inside during evening time

“View Smart Windows are a differentiating amenity that increase natural light and block heat during Austin’s 300 days of sunshine while reducing the building’s energy usage and carbon footprint,” said Mike Embree, senior vice president of asset management with Drawbridge Realty.

Smart windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun. They optimize natural light and views of the outdoors while minimizing heat and glare. Buildings with View Smart Windows consume up to 20% less energy for lighting and HVAC.

Outside parking has an overhang that has solar panels

A recent Evolv study found that employees working next to View Smart Windows slept 37 minutes longer each night. Not only that, they performed 42% better on cognitive tests and were significantly more productive. It also showed that 77% were less likely to report feeling depressed.

The exterior of the office features smart glass windows

The tech-equipped Uplands II property will also feature View Immersive Displays. It transform windows into transparent, digital and interactive surfaces for video conferencing and content creation. The windows can also be used for advertising or video display.

The Uplands II building is LEED and RESET Air Standard Certified and WELL compliant. There are also additional health-related features such as touchless check-in, hand sanitizer stations and single-use work areas. The property also features outdoor lounges with Wi-Fi, walking/running trails, a fitness center, food truck area and EV charging stations.

A parking lot overhang has solar panels built on it

With the focus on wellness and healthier buildings post-COVID, expect to see more technology features with the purpose of a healthier environment.

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