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Sleep among birds in this biosphere tree hotel

Sleep among birds in this biosphere tree hotel

In the midst of towering pines of a beautiful Swedish landscape is a huge orb hanging suspended from the trees. It is made up of 350 birdhouses. The birdhouses make up a posh hotel room that you can actually go and sleep in.

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A spherical building covered in cubes that is hanging amidst a forest

The Treehotel Biosphere encompasses the aesthetics of Nordic design: clean lines, simple elegance and neutral colors. Treehotel has eight different suites altogether. The eighth is the sky suite seen here. Additionally, it contains 111 square feet, and yes, the exterior holds 350 birdhouses. They’re functional. The design encourages wildlife to come and nest. Therefore, all the birdhouses are made with wood in simple, clean designs.

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A close up of the different cubes that cover the tree hotel

Furthermore, the building itself has glass everywhere. It creates views of the trees beyond, while the birdhouses provide privacy and interior shade. On the other hand, the suite has an accessible roof, where guests can stand and look around at the forest. It’s a temporary suite for humans, but it’s a permanent home for the many birds who will come to live in the birdhouses. The towering Swedish pines are just as much a part of the experience, creating incredible views from all angles.

Eight different rooms that hang above the ground like a treehouse

Moreover, all eight suites that make up Treehotel are different. Each design incorporates sustainability and futuristic aesthetic. You can spend a night in the Bird’s Nest, the Mirrorcube or the Dragonfly, among others. The birdhouse design is called Biosphere. It’s a glass cube covered in wooden birdhouses that give the structure a more orb-like shape.

A person wrapped in sheets taking a photo outside of the glass with a hanging spherical chair beside them

The Biosphere suite minimalist design that includes a loft bedroom, comfortable sitting area and bathroom. The incredible design was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, Snohetta, Rintala and Tham and Videgard Arkitekter.

A close up of the cubes that make up the treehotel biosphere

Spend a night in the trees surrounded by the birds and see how simple design can actually add to the environment and provide more living spaces for wildlife. What a unique concept for a hotel!

+ Bjarke Ingels Group

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