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Skincare line has a unique refillable packaging

Skincare line has a unique refillable packaging

We don’t tend to think about how much waste there is when we throw out skincare products. But it adds up. Proverb Skincare created a sustainable line of products that are petroleum, SLS, artificial fragrance and propylene glycol-free. They are packed with natural ingredients and come in reusable and recyclable plastic-free containers. Proverb also created the world’s first compostable skincare sample pouches, and we are here for it.

Two tubes of skincare products, one of them with a white packaging and the other in a black packaging. They stand on a white countertop with plant leaves behind them.

The entire Proverb line relaunched with a plastic-free packaging. The Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud comes in aluminum, as does the Energizing Facial Scrub, which has clove and thyme. Not only that, the scrub uses only natural and organic ingredients for a natural exfoliant, including blitzed avocado pits and coconut shells.

A white tube of Proverb Skincare on a grey towel. The photo to the right of it shows the back side of the white tube

Additionally, the skin strengthening serum contains pomegranate, acai, witch hazel and papaya with bitter orange. There is also amino acids and peptides among other natural ingredients. However, allergy sufferers should still check the labels.

A crinkled black tube of Proverb Skincare on a white countertop with leaves from a plant behind it

Like many other natural skincare companies, Proverb created sensitive skin products such as their deodorant. It is fragrance free and baking soda free for those with delicate skin or allergies. Other fragrances include eucalyptus mint, coconut tonka bean and more. Furthermore, the anti-shine line contains a moisturizer that uses bamboo and salicylic acid, a unique combo that absorbs oil and treats blemishes naturally.

A white and black tube of skincare product laying side-by-side on a grey floor

In addition to their great products, Proverb partners with Earthley to offset their carbon footprint and become carbon positive. They help protect 2,000 elephants in Kenya. Proverb also partners with charity The Hygiene Bank to provide hand sanitizer to schools in underserved communities.

A pack of a facial scrub and the back of the packaging next to it

The best part: Once you buy your first product with Proverb and receive the original container it comes in, you can purchase refills and reuse the container. Whether it’s a pump or a deodorant canister, you can recycle the aluminum tubes.

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