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Shelving unit can be configured in any which way

Shelving unit can be configured in any which way

Modular furniture just took on a new level of meaning with Listón. Argentinian Designer Guillermo Cameron Mac Lean created Listón to rethink how we use and reuse furniture pieces for the sake of the climate. It is a furniture system that is made from two types of structural wooden slats held together with cable ties. These reusable seals create cubes of 40 by 40 by 40 centimeters that can be arranged in any way desired.

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A shelf display combined with reusable cable ties

First, the reason for the unusual modular style of Listón is a focus on the environment. Flat packing these slats reduces the shipping package, saving shipping costs, storage space and other logistics resources. Additionally, the designer wanted customers to build a greater connection with the furniture by assembling it themselves.

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A close-up of the shelf clear panels held up by a wooden frame and tied together with cable ties

Next, reusable cable ties used for assembly can be found in standard hardware stores or online and come in a variety of colors. If customers don’t care for the look of the ties, these can be clipped off to streamline the appearance of the furniture. Furthermore, this furniture can be repaired or replaced in parts that are sold separately. Thereby, entire pieces of furniture aren’t thrown in the landfill when one part is damaged.

A row of the Liston shelves

Moreover, Listón adapts and grows in a space like pixels to fit to different spaces and needs. No glue was used in these pieces, and the ties can be taken on and off by pressing a button. This means the furniture can be reconfigured as needs change.

A close-up photo of the wooden frames and clear materials that make up the furniture

On the other hand, disassembling the furniture also means it can be separated for later recycling. It’s not a good habit to get tired of a piece of furniture. As a result, they designed a furniture that is subtle enough to fade into the background so you never get tired of it.

A shelf display combined with reusable cable ties

Lastly, Listón can be used as a room divider, an organizing piece of furniture or as various types of side tables.

+ Guille Cameron Mac Lean

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