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SeaWeed Naturals harnesses the magic of seaweed and CBD

SeaWeed Naturals harnesses the magic of seaweed and CBD

Only one botanical brand pairs the ocean expertise of the Cousteaus with sustainable practices. SeaWeed Naturals products combine the bounty of the sea with the abundance of the land for botanicals that reduce signs of aging, relieve arthritis pains and more.

An array of SeaWeed Naturals products.

Together with Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau, SeaWeed Naturals has created a line of products containing cannabis oil, seaweed, algae and kelp. The company describes itself as “the first premium wellness impact brand to fuse the benefits of marine botanicals with the healing properties of cannabis.”

Two tins of SeaWeed Naturals products surrounded by seaweed plants.

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Seaweed is a naturally rich source of vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants and collagen. That’s why it’s known as a superfood. Some studies even suggest that seaweed can improve skin, bone, joint and brain health. Further, this powerful material can also help restore oceans.

A tin of SeaWeed Naturals product next to a starfish.

SeaWeed Naturals focuses on restoratively farmed seaweed, algae and kelp. Seaweed restores oceans by absorbing CO2 and promoting a healthy marine ecosystem. It also protects shorelines, elevates pH and provides oxygen, which helps reduce the effects of ocean acidification and de-oxygenation. By working with responsible seaweed farms in Maine, SeaWeed Naturals supports the creation of healthy habitats for ocean life and sustainable incomes for fishers.

Three blue bottles of SeaWeed Naturals product in front of the ocean.

“There has never been more urgency for companies to establish themselves as tools for positive change. We founded SeaWeed Naturals with the promise that every intention, every decision from packaging to ingredient sourcing to the charities we support would contribute to leaving this planet better than we found it. As an impact brand, we hope to set a new standard across the industry and lead a new category of wellness companies grounded in radical transparency and regenerative climate change efforts,” said SeaWeed Naturals cofounder Ashlan Cousteau.

Two bottles and one tin of SeaWeed Naturals product on the sand.

A featured product from SeaWeed Naturals is the Comfort Body Oil, a CBD oil formula designed to relieve pain. The formula also contains coconut, seaweed, Omega-3 and antioxidants. Not into oils? Try one of the brand’s two Body Comfort Balm formulations. Choose the 1:3 formula for more CBD, or the 3:1 formula for more THC. Both balms contain shea butter and seaweed with hints of lavender and lemon. It’s designed to soothe sore muscles, bruises, itchiness, skin inflammation and other ailments.

A bottle of SeaWeed Naturals product by the ocean.

The product line also includes oils, balms, edible gummies, tinctures and more. Each item features sustainably sourced ingredients that give back to Earth’s oceans.

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