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Review: Dizzy Monster Spinning Top

Review: Dizzy Monster Spinning Top

Photo credit: Kidoki by Kikkerland.

By Anders Lorenzen

When I grew up, spinning tops were a big thing, without mentioning any dates, it is clear a lot has happened since then.

However, often those toys were made with what we know now as unsustainable materials.

Looking at the toy market in 2023 how many of the products are damaging to both the planet and children, or they at least do not gain anything from using either through educational or fine motor skills.

I was delighted when I heard about the Dizzy Monster Spinning Top from Kidoki by Kikkerland.

Photo credit: Kidoki by Kikkerland.

Fostering development and learning

While it is labelled for children three years and upwards I was curious to try it out on my daughter who is four months shy of turning three, not least because she is going through a phase of being fascinated by monsters. She has not yet developed the skills to spin it around, but she enjoyed watching me do it and found it fun trying to stop and catch the spinning monster, and then trying to copy me.

I like what the product does in supporting children to develop crucial skills and introducing it as a spinning monster is a genius feat. In today’s fast-paced world and distraction – this toy takes it down a few levels with 100% concentration needed, you could even argue it is a kind of meditation for children.

Benefits for children and adults alike

As is the case with many children’s toys I would even argue that it is not only beneficial to children but adults can also get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of playing with it, with the added benefit that it is a stress-relief, not least as it allows you to connect with your child – that was definitely the case for me.

In fact, research has highlighted that spinning top games are great for developing fine motor skills, hand strength and concentration in children as young as two years old. Secondly, they’re the original fidget toy and playing with one helps with anxiety, stress relief and focus in both children and adults.

On the design and sustainability front, the minimalised look is definitely a core benefit in terms of sustainability. The product is 100% produced using wood and pulp and is FSC certified meaning that by purchasing this product you’re neither contributing to the plastic crisis nor deforestation.

It can be purchased here.

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