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Razer x Cariuma shoes focus on environmental education

Razer x Cariuma shoes focus on environmental education

Cariuma established itself as a conscientious company with prior sneaker releases made using natural materials. The company is dedicated to reforestation too, as seen by its commitment to plant trees with each shoe sale. The most recent collaboration is with Razer, a notable gaming brand. The partnership brings trendy, collectible shoes paired with a focus on environmental education and support. 

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Four sneakers, two low tops and two high tops. The color sole for each alternate white and black.

The Razer x Cariuma OCA Low All Black Canvas sneakers are made using the same process as others in the Cariuma product line-up. The highly-rated style is popular among a range of customers, including skaters, surfers and everyday trend keepers. But this sneaker brings in a cute and identifiable mascot, Sneki Snek, directly from Razer. 

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Two sneakers with white soles pose on two different display boxes. One of the sneakers is a high-top while the other one is a low-top.

Razer provides hardware, software, supplies and services to the gaming community. They are dedicated to maintaining a low carbon footprint in the process. #GoGreenWithRazer campaign builds a community of like-minded protectors for the planet. The goal is to engage youth and millennials into taking action in favor of environmental protections. 

On the other hand, Cariuma, with its established association with green initiatives, sees this partnership as a way to promote both brands. Simultaneously, the partnership launches a campaign to inspire the next generation of planetary guardians.

Two sneakers with black soles pose on two different display boxes. One of the sneakers is a high-top while the other one is a low-top.

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with Razer for this limited-edition sneaker, such an incredible brand made by gamers for gamers,” said Cofounder of Cariuma Fernando Porto. “We thought it could be a great cause for us to support together in this collaboration. Together, we can touch more people and share our messages in a stronger and more effective way.”

A a black high-top sneaker with white soles sits on a platform

The shoes are available in a OCA High ($98) and OCA Low option ($79). Each shoe is handcrafted using GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas, natural rubber and recycled plastics. They are 100% vegan with memory foam insoles made from organic mamona oil and cork. The certified organic cotton used for the shoe’s uppers is grown using regenerative farming practices that are void of pesticides and fertilizers known to contribute to air and water pollution. Rubber for the shoes is ethically tapped from hevea brasiliensis trees, removing the sap from the bark without endangering the health of the tree. 

A black high-top sneaker with neon green detailing sits on a white box

Furthermore, the special collaboration between two sustainably-minded companies calls for an additional focus on giving back to nature. Therefore, for every pair sold, the company will save 10 trees through a partnership with Conservation International.

A black low-top sneaker with neon green detailing sits on a white box

In addition to focusing on a healthy planet, Cariuma is dedicated to creating a healthy work environment for employees. Cariuma is B-corp certified, meaning it meets high standards for accountability and transparency. This is in regards to material selection, manufacturing, employee benefits and charitable giving.

Similarly, Razer is committed to eradicating single-use plastics across all its offices. They invest in reusable and eco-friendly office products to ensure operations will be 100% carbon neutral. Also, they aims to significantly reduce business-related air travel to further lower its carbon footprint. The company is currently converting all office locations to 100% renewable energy, with two offices already meeting that goal and the rest scheduled for conversion by 2025.

A a black sneaker with white soles sits on a platform

Product Review

With a 17-year-old rabid gamer in the house, I readily accepted the offer to present him with a pair of the Razer x Cariuma OCA Low All Black Canvas Sneakers. First I sent him a veiled text asking if he was familiar with the Razer brand. The response was a predictable eye roll and “of course,” so I requested a sample in his name, which quickly arrived a few days later. 

The shoes were packaged in a sturdy box made from recyclable materials and zero plastic in sight. In fact, each pair of shoes comes with two pairs of shoelaces that are made from recycled plastic. Otherwise, the shoes refrain from using plastic.

My son’s face lit up when he opened the box. He commented the black color with the notable lime green accents as “cool.” Sneki Snek is undeniably adorable and makes a statement about sustainable action in the trendiest ways.

Then he put the shoes on and wore them around to try them out. He said they were comfortable, unlike many similar styles that have little to no support and rigid design. The shoes are about ½-size too big, but don’t slip when he walks. They’re the perfect match for his favorite black jeans and even his anything-other-than-trendy brother comments on how cool they are every time he sees them. 

In short, Sneki Snek, Cariuma and Razer are a hit with the gamers in my house

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