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Private mansion in Egypt sits on an artificial island

Private mansion in Egypt sits on an artificial island

Mask Architects designed Villa G02, a private mansion in Egypt for a client who wanted a luxury home that is sustainable and ecologically sound. All of this for a house that will sit on a manmade island offshore.

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A curvy artificial island with an extended line down the middle as a pier area for the mansion

“Our main goal was to be energy efficient, sustainable and ecological to create an eco-green artificial island,” the architects explained.

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The island will be connected to the mainland by a bridge. The land mass is around 9,000 square meters, which will be plenty of space to build the project. The home consists of a main building for the client and residents, with smaller outbuildings for private guest suites.

A curvy artificial island

“Instead of creating one big block building, we have chosen to create smaller separated buildings. This has its own function to be more energy efficient and also to create private areas on the island,” the architects said.

The designers used natural energy sources like wind and water to create a cooling system on the island for the hotter climate. Additionally, the island is designed to channel wind through and around the buildings, including buffer zones to capture cool air.

An outdoor pool area with wavy architecture roofing

Furthermore, water creates pockets of water around the island next to and around the buildings for cooling. This allows dry air to be fresh and hydrating and cooling when it passes over the water and into the structures. The G02 Villa also includes a swimming pool that is heated. It’s located in a central area for use by all residents. It’s also located behind the main villa to be situated in the right place for maximum air flow channeled throughout the island.

An outdoor terrace area of the mansion on an artificial island

There will also be a health and fitness area, as well as residential facilities like a kitchen and living room. Thereby, the island has a 360-degree view of the surrounding ocean and sky. The main villa and the guest buildings all have rooftop terraces to create more social spaces for relaxing outdoors.

A pool area with palm trees, white chairs and white umbrellas

Meanwhile, palm trees will buffer winds and help create a natural space on this artificial island where nature can thrive. To allow for passive lighting that reduces energy costs, the villa will be transparent with large windows at the back to allow light to come through the open space. Skylights are also placed on the roof in long configurations to make the most of the light coming through the roof.

A close-up of the pool area with <a href='https://rascanfashion.store/the-tote-handbag/grey-white' target='_blank'>white</a> benches and umbrellas lined around it” class=”wp-image-2345406 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/05/Untitled-1s-e1652813512962-889×605.jpg” data-idx=”6″ data-postid=”2343031″ width=”889″ height=”605″></figure>
<p>The social areas are fitted with a Turkish bath, sauna, hydro-massage shower and massage rooms. The fitness areas also contain a yoga studio and meditation glass sky deck, an<a href= indoor gym and a tennis court. Docks at the end of the island allow visitors to come and go by boat or yacht. At the front, a parking lot creates multiple transport options for residents and staff and creates a parking area for maintenance vehicles.

A outdoor pool area

Villa G02 really has it all. The home is equipped with gardens to make it self-sustainable with areas for growing vegetables and fruit. Lastly, it will use natural sources of energy to keep the island energy efficient.

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