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Plant Light N1 stimulates indoor plant growth

Plant Light N1 stimulates indoor plant growth

For too long, urban environments have cut people off from nature. For too long, urban landscapes destroyed nature and replaced it with concrete, steel and glass. Ample found a way to add nature into urban environments with their Plant Light Nº1.

A plant light attached to a black pot with a green plant. There is a hand reaching out to touch the plant leaves

Urban living “creates a very barren environment; access to nature is limited, and this has really come to the detriment of our mind, body and planet,” said CEO and Founder Charles Skender. “There must be a different approach; urban living and connection to nature should not be mutually exclusive.”

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A man wearing a black t-shirt holds a black plant light

Light, he says, is the most important factor in plant growth. Light mimics the sun. So ample created the Plant Light Nº1. Every detail of the design matters and the design itself was carefully considered. It’s made to stimulate plant growth, but also comfortable for human eyes.

A black plant light turned on to shine light on a plant

Three fundamentals of horticulture lighting technology were carefully considered for the Plant Light Nº1: light color, duration and brightness. The LED is a broad-spectrum light that mimics the color of the light put out by the sun. The timer allows the light to turn on and off to give plants optimal light duration. There’s also an adjustment arm so you can place the light at the right height above your plants.

A white plant light, lighting on a white potted plant

Furthermore, it has three different lighting modes: seed, vegetative and flower. These different modes provide the right type of lighting for your plant depending on what phase of growth it’s in. Literally, it’s a lot like having a ray of sun of your own that you can shine down on any plant.

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