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PANGEA recycled jackets upcycles trash plastic

PANGEA recycled jackets upcycles trash plastic

PANGEA is a company on a mission. They want to not only clean up the environment, but use trash cleaned up to create recycled products. They have now achieved one important goal: using 100% recycled and reclaimed trash plastic to create their Eco-Jackets.

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A man with long blonde hair wearing a black jacket, the hood pulled over his head, with brown pants

We’ve written about the PANGEA jacket before, and the company has made big strides since then. With a growing line of products and an impressive list of accomplishments helping clean some of the world’s dirtiest rivers, PANGEA is going places.

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A man with short curly hair wearing a black jacket and handling ropes on a ship

The problem is that 11 million tons of trash ends up in the oceans every single year. It is a growing problem that kills 100 million marine animals, damages coral reefs and contaminates the food chain with toxic chemicals.

A woman and a man putting together a green tent. They both wear black PANGEA Movement jackets and brown pants

As a result, PANGEA’s approach is to tackle the problem at the source: rivers that carry pollution to the ocean. The company uses trash-catching barriers to clean five tons of trash per month out of the world’s dirtiest rivers. So far, they have prevented 60,000 pounds of trash from reaching the ocean.

A woman with blonde hair wears aviator sunglasses, a black jacket and black pants. She poses with both hands in the jacket pockets

Then, they pluck the plastic out of that trash to make recycled products. This reduces waste from new plastics and prevents more pollution. PANGEA jackets are now made from 100% recycled plastics, and even include a free microplastic-trapping laundry bag to keep waterways clean.

A man standing in a field with his held tilted up to the sky. His head is partially covered by the black hood connected to the black jacket he wears with his jeans

Every 100 tons of new polyester created for backpacking gear and clothing requires 100 barrels of crude oil to make and generates 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. PANGEA is on a mission to create recycled outdoor gear that cleans the environment more than it pollutes. The goal: carbon positive gear. With a growing movement of volunteers harvesting reusable plastics from rivers before they enter the ocean, the circular economy of reusable plastics helps the climate on several fronts.

Two people wearing hiking gear and holding hiking sticks are in mid-hike up a hill

Furthermore, PANGEA donates 5% of sales to build and deploy new river barriers. This makes the PANGEA Eco-Jacket the first and only jacket that prevents ocean pollution. They are working to reduce the pollution that reaches the oceans from rivers by 80%.

A woman with her hair pulled wears a black jacket with black pants

The company has made over $750,000 in revenue with 10,000 customers. Their web store grew 10 times in 2021 alone. For every Eco-Jacket purchased, 68 pounds of trash are pulled from rivers and 68 pounds of carbon dioxide are offset from the environment.

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<p>“Purchases from PANGEA do not aim for a neutral impact on the <a href=Earth,” the founders say. “We want to improve it.”


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