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Oui the People nickel-free razors are gentle on the planet

Oui the People nickel-free razors are gentle on the planet

With all the options on the market for razors and bodycare product, what led to Oui the People gathering a waitlist of 10,000 customers? Oui the People is a Black and female-owned, award-winning bodycare brand that created a nickel-free safety razor and products that are gentler on the earth and the body.

A brown-skinned hand holding a black razor

“It’s estimated that over two billion disposable plastic razors end up in landfills every year,” said Founder Karen Young. As the personal care industry is one of the largest producers of waste in the world, Young prioritized not only customer experience and aesthetic, but also sustainability.

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A black razor at the top is blooming flower petals

Oui the People (OTP) razor THE SINGLE Sensitive Skin Razor is $75, including 10 refill blades. It’s a rose gold razor that uses a single blade in a rust-proof casing, promising a close shave without hair pulling or irritation. This might be worth a try if you find yourself constantly irritated by razors or allergic to their moisture strip. OTP’s refill razor blades are 100% nickel-free stainless steel and packaged in a box that’s safe to dispose afterwards.

A rose gold Oui the People razor

This may sound like a commitment to sustainability that’s easy to make up in product cost, but OTP works with just a few of the remaining manufacturers in the world that make safe stainless steel razors. In particular, they work with one specialized in this niche for over 100 years.

A set of Oui the People products and serums

Additionally, blade packaging allows for safe storage of new and used blades until they’re disposed of. The OTP razor was originally designed from the ground up for women. Rather than packaging for female, the brand continues that tradition of bucking trends with their inclusive bodycare line.

“You’ve never fit into one box. Neither have we. We’re here to honor your complexities. We celebrate your softness and your strength, and champion your journey to doing whatever makes you feel good. The only labels we care about list our ingredients — everything else is just noise,” OTP said.

A glass container with the text Oui the People on it

For instance, their FEATHERWEIGHT Body Gloss goes into a glass bottle. It is made from raw materials and is refillable. Meanwhile, the glass container is reusable and can be recycled and/or upcycled.

A brown-skinned hand holding a Oui the People product against their leg

Another example, SUGARCOAT Shave Gel is the world’s first refillable shaving gel. SUGARCOAT is stored in an airless bottle with a removable cap. OTP’s goal is to provide a safe product in the shower environment with the use of refillable sustainable containers.

A light orange and dark orange box that reads Oui the People

Lastly, AROUND THE BUSH Bikini Mask is a unique product for giving your skin around the bikini line some TLC. It’s made of cellulose material that biodegrades six weeks after being thrown out. Also, it hydrates and cools your skin with honey extract, niacinamide and skin-clearing witch hazel.

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