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One townhouse in Vietnam receives a green renovation

One townhouse in Vietnam receives a green renovation

In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City landscape is distinct thanks to the many urban townhouses that fill the streets. But the housing has not kept up with the fast-paced, modern lifestyle of Vietnam. Renovating old townhomes in the city is much needed, and one team of designers and builders has taken up the challenge. The Cage House is a gorgeous example of what Ho Chi Minh City’s future will look like.

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A townhouse in Vietnam with metal bars over the windows

Cage House is tucked into an alleyway of a high-density neighborhood. It is 15 years old and most of the existing structure was maintained. However, it was musty and showing its age. A thick, bulky concrete staircase in the middle of the structure dominated the space. There was a dark, close kitchen and a bathroom shoved in the back. A rooftop terrace with lots of unused potential was a hint of what could be with this townhouse.

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A three step of the bars being placed on the townhouse for the Cage House

Furthermore, the space needed light, ventilation and a whole new vibe. The new design rearranged the interior and added a cage-like structure to the exterior, which completely changed the look of the building. This cage is made with thin iron bars and wire mesh trellis. Additionally, it encompasses two large terraces with leafy plants and flowers. The greenery acts as a natural sound barrier to block street noise.

An interior stairway and food storage cabinet

Moreover, the old staircase was ripped out and replaced with a lighter iron and timber structure. Glazed voids were added to bring in natural light. Now, the living area is combined with a lobby area and a beautiful courtyard. The master bedroom was totally redesigned with black tiles, a laminated timber floor and glazing. There’s a study and home library area with a sky well that provides natural lighting.

An outdoor area with the bars coming over to obstruct the view

The landscape design and engineering was done by ROOM+ Design & Build. Anh Tuan Pham, Hoang Nam Nguyen, Kim Quy Nguyen and Van Kieu Pham make up the design and build team.

+ ROOM+ Design & Build

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