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New technology in Beko dishwashers save energy and water

New technology in Beko dishwashers save energy and water

Dishwashers have basically functioned in the same way for the past 93 years. Since the invention of the modern dishwasher in 1929, the spinning arm inside has sprayed with the same circular performance. However, Beko released a new line of dishwashers that feature a contemporary look combined with new innovations to increase function and energy-efficiency. 

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Four Beko dishwashers lined up in a row

The launch spotlights new technology in dishwasher spray arms. Called CornerIntense, each of the new models is equipped with a spray that moves in a rectangle, reaching the four corners of the dishwasher to clean the entire wash basin as it works. 

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An open dishwasher displaying the bowls and plates set inside it

Additionally, the new Beko Series 36 to 39 Dishwasher line uses 50% less water. That equates to savings for the planet and the pocketbook. 

A stainless steel dishwasher displayed within a kitchen cabinet

Moreover, the dishwashers are energy-efficient, using 25% less electricity for additional savings. Part of this savings comes from the SelfDry technology, which auto-opens the dishwasher door at the end of the wash cycle so dishes can dry naturally. All models have a high Energy Star rating.

An open dishwasher in a kitchen space

Beko dishwashers feature other innovations, such as the EverClean Filter, which takes keeping the filter clear off your dishwasher maintenance list. Some models also feature Beko DeepWash, offering targeted cleaning for narrow bottles and oddly-shaped dishware. 

A gray dishwasher sits within a <a href='https://rascanfashion.store/product/black-shoe' target='_blank'>black</a> background” class=”wp-image-2347528 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/06/7621109580_DDT39434XIH_CAM01-889×500.jpg” data-idx=”5″ data-postid=”2347392″ width=”889″ height=”500″></figure>
<p>The newest release features eight models with a variety of styles, including a bar-handle, pocket handle and panel-ready <a href=designs. All models are also equipped with Silent Tech, which suppresses operating noise to a quiet purr at 39 dBA.

An open Beko dishwasher

“We’re thrilled to give Americans a new, more effective, and far more sustainable way to wash their dishes,” said Salih “Sazi” Bugay, Beko vice president of product management. “This new line is the culmination of years of work by our R&D team to transform dishwashing, and the American kitchen, into a new standard for health, wellness and sustainability.”

Beko is offering a $100 consumer rebate through September 5, 2022. All Beko dishwasher models are covered by a two-year warranty.

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