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New super polymer promises to shake up 3D printing

New super polymer promises to shake up 3D printing

As everybody knows, some of the coolest tech comes from space research. And now, an Italian company is introducing a groundbreaking super polymer with the potential to improve space, motorsports, energy and other cutting-edge industries.

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A ceramic 3D printed material that reads Helios Peek 2005

Futuristic company Roboze promises to shake up the 3D printing sector with its new PEEK matrix composite: Helios PEEK 2005. The new super polymer is reinforced with chopped ceramic fibers. Additionally, it promises to work on items with complex geometry. Also, it offers stability at high temperatures. The ceramic reinforcement means low electrical conductivity paired with high thermal insulation.

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Furthermore, since the ceramic fibers are smaller in dimension compared to carbon and glass fibers, Roboze says this new material will be ideal for components with thin walls and complex geometry. It will also reduce post-processing times up to 60%. This is because the material’s monocrystalline nature minimizes crystallographic defects and eliminates grain boundaries. The thermal insulation can also tolerate operating temperatures higher than 170 degrees Celsius.

If that went over your head, let’s just say this sounds like some badass material.

A corrugated tan material

“At Roboze, we have seen great strides with the use of our 3D printing technology in sectors including aerospace, energy and motorsports. We work closely with many of these regulated industries, supporting the integration of additive manufacturing technology from prototype to production,” said Simone Cuscito, chief technical officer at Roboze. “Helios PEEK 2005 derives precisely from the needs of these industries and is an excellent candidate for applications that require specifications of lightness, mechanical strength and heat resistance.”

Finally, Helios PEEK 2005 was designed to print on Roboze 3D printers. It is a combination the company touts as offering “the most accurate and repeatable solutions in the world.” And, for producing high-quality components for regulated industries. The new material is available starting this month on the company’s on-demand 3D printing service, the Roboze 3D Parts Marketplace.

Via Roboze

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