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Modern home in Ukraine merges residence and art gallery

Modern home in Ukraine merges residence and art gallery

The Residence in the Garden of Rocks is located in the southern suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine along the canal. The client wanted the house to suit his family’s needs while showcasing his collection of modern sculptures.

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Path leading to the basement entry of the gallery in the Residence in the Garden of Rocks. The surrounding walls are clad with dark stones and surrounded by greenery. The ground level can be seen above and is covered in pine shingles

The owner had already constructed the house’s shell when he asked the team at Palamarchuk Architects to assist with the design. He had also begun work on the landscaping and dotted the garden with various stone plinths to feature his sculptures. The architects worked on transforming the pre-existing spaces into a modern home. Since the house did not meet local energy-saving requirements, the team revamped it with a compound system of 20 centimeters stone wool insulation, heat pumps and solar collectors that saves energy and maintains comfortable temperatures.

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Primary long facade of the Residence in the Garden of Rocks. The ground level above features is clad in pine shingles and features a loggia created by vertical louvers. The basement level is clad in stone and surrounded by fall vegetation

Meanwhile, the residence comprises of a two-story volume. The ground level rests on a grassy plain while the basement nestles into an artificial hill. This allows for a separate entrance to the art gallery located in the basement, distinguishing the living spaces above and the display area below.

Minimalist interior living space looking out onto a terrace with a green sculpture of a man

Interior spaces are laid out along a north-south axis. The living room is at the heart of the house and bridges the other interior spaces. These include the bedrooms to the north and the shared spaces to the south, including the gym, sauna and swimming pool. Similarly, the perimeter walkways unify the interior spaces and exterior terraces. For example, the loggia on the main façade connects the street-facing terrace and the indoor pool. Its vertical louvers allow for views out and sunlight in, and prevents passersby from looking in.

A pathway that crosses between the house and a terrace with a large green sculpture

Sensory details, especially visual and tactile ones, are a key feature of the home. The living room has a large window that faces the west terrace, providing a beautiful sunset view. The bedrooms bring in diffused sunlight and have views to the nearby park and canal. With regard to tactile details, the design incorporates richly textured materials. Though the building is a simple brick and concrete structure, the ground floor is clad in coarse pine shingles from the Carpathian mountain range, while the basement level is studded with dark stone.

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