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Maven Moment: Mom’s Pizza Pan

Maven Moment: Mom’s Pizza Pan

Mom used to make the most fantastic pizza for birthdays and holidays in this old beat-up flat pan. I have so many memories of wonderful festive meals that are attached to this old pizza pan. It taught me to share years later.

When Mom passed, my brother Dominick, who was an excellent cook, inherited the pan along with other bulky kitchen items. Dom continued the tradition of delicious, family-style meals using Mom’s pans and utensils.

When he moved and no longer had room for all of them, I got the pan. My brother could come over and use it to cook at my house or borrow it to make pizza at his new, smaller space, without having to store it.

Another example of a shared or inherited item is my mom’s sewing machine. I don’t sew, so what should I do with it? Well, I have a good friend who is an avid quilter. I gave it to her. She loves it!

Lots of things could be shared if you live near your family members. I have used Mom’s London Fog coat for job interviews and made pesto in her blender, all the while without buying or storing any of these items. Other items to share could be tools, books, or large casserole pans.

Sharing things is good for the environment. By not purchasing lots of items we rarely use, keep in storage, and then dispose of, we tread more lightly on the Earth. We consume less and send less waste to landfills.

And in my family’s case, we are sharing memories, too. Memories of Mom, her sewing skills, and her wonderful meals live on in these items.

This post was originally published on April 3, 2019.

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