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Make Feb. 18 Your Day To Recycle Batteries

Make Feb. 18 Your Day To Recycle Batteries

Rayansh Bhavit decided to be an environmentalist in the second grade. He started helping run a network of battery recycling drop-boxes that have recovered almost 150,000 batteries since 2019 through RecycleMyBattery.org, a group of more than 150 kids.

The Edison, New Jersey, group, which is sponsored by Call2Recycle.org, was founded by Nihal Tammana in 2019. They’ve placed bins in local school district buildings, libraries, sports centers, and temples in the area. Its online battery education program has reached about 2 million people.

“It’s high time for all of us to work collectively on saving Earth in different ways we can,” Rayansh said. He helps collect and ship filled bins for processing. “If we start doing something to save earth today, maybe tomorrow seeing you someone else can join. Just like how we are doing collectively now.”

Rayansh Bhavit sorting batteries for recycling
Photo: Recycle My Battery

Rayansh and the RecycleMyBattery.org team are encouraging everyone to recycle batteries on February 18, dubbed National Battery Day by an industry organization, Battery Council International. The kids are also asking people to speak up when they see batteries thrown in the trash and to help spread knowledge about the benefits of recycling. Taking action can start at any age, and quickly make a difference for the planet.

National Battery Day poster

“A small drop in the ocean can make a big difference in the world,” said Rayansh, explaining that his goal is a world without battery waste going to landfills. “I’m just a drop in the ocean. If more people get added it can really make a huge difference. For this, we want support from all the kids across the globe.”

Take a lesson from Rayansh, Nihal, and all the kids at Recycle My Battery on February 18: Clean out your old batteries and drop them at a responsible recycling location near you.

Feature image courtesy of Recycle My Battery.

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