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Loop Living planters give anyone a green thumb

Loop Living planters give anyone a green thumb

It’s easy to identify the benefits of greening your home inside and out. We’re not talking about green design here (although that’s good too), we’re talking about a green thumb. Israel-based Loop Living founder Elisheva “Eli” Manekin took the trial and error road to growing plants. Her journey resulted in planters that make the brown thumb to green thumb transition easier for others. 

Left, an assortment of planters. Right, a person watering plants in planters.

Loop Living’s goal is to inspire you in your plant growing journey with smart, thoughtful and beautiful botanical wares. While deliberately designed for their functional aspects, the planters and accessories at Loop Living also cater to nearly every type of interior design.

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Left, an assortment of planters. Right, a person watering plants in planters.

The company offers a variety of planters in different sizes, both for hanging and for setting on a surface. Each planter is designed with a bottom reservoir to contain excess water. A wick connects the water to the soil the plant needs while keeping the roots from becoming oversaturated and suffering from the all-too-common root rot. 

Planters arranged against a white wall and a person on the right watering them.

The self-watering system removes the pressure of figuring out when to water your plants and lets you off the hook if you forget. Instead, it allows the plant to decide when it wants a drink. All you have to do is place your plant into soil with the wick inserted from the bottom.

Several planters against a pink wall.

The planters are made of lightweight aluminum, an endlessly recyclable material that’s durable and versatile. Plant hangers for wall mounting are made of wood. The slings match the planter sizes and are made of rope or vegan leather. 

Planters arranged against a white wall.

Manekin says she started the company after loving home decorating but hating the numerous dead plants. “I wasn’t born with a green thumb and quickly found out that accessorizing my house with plants wasn’t the same as adding more throw pillows to my couch. Needless to say, I killed a lot of plants,” said Manekin, “Three years, countless late nights, some major fumbles and over 700 reviews later, I turned my studio-sized décor business into a thriving company that ships planters and plant accessories to people and shops around the world.”

Planters sitting on a chair and table.

As with most home growers, Manekin learned that traditional planters can often cause problems with drainage and overwatering. So after many trials and some successes, she developed Loop Living planters, saying, “Inspired by my new hobby, I began designing products that made growing indoor plants effortless for everyone … I am so grateful that together with my amazing team, I get to spend my days helping people around the world transform their homes into a beautiful oasis, so that everyone—green thumb or not—can feel connected to nature and happy in their space.”

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