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London has a beautiful biophilic apartment complex

London has a beautiful biophilic apartment complex

Canada Gardens is a 743-unit apartment complex in Wembley Park, London, managed by Quintain Living. Fossey Arora, the firm in charge of interior design, centered the apartments around the theme of biophilia, our innate human need to connect to nature and living things around us. Aside from its connection to the natural world, biophilic design provides various benefits to one’s wellbeing. These range from enhanced mood, stress reduction and improved air quality.

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Lawn space and flowerbeds in front of speckled brick buildings

In a typical urban landscape, interiors that actively engage with nature are limited. However, Canada Gardens challenges this convention. Nature is brought indoors through natural materials and vegetation, thus evoking coziness and tranquility throughout the property.

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Clubhouse interior with wood accents. Seating along the sides consists of armchairs and in the center is a horseshoe couch arrangement around a wood coffee table. Suspended planters hang from the beams

Furthermore, natural materials and color palettes are one of the primary biophilic elements throughout the apartment complex. Wood is one of the key materials used on the interior and provides the spaces with a homey feel. This is complemented by earthy greens, soft greys and pops of blue featured in the furniture and finishes. Wood also makes an appearance in Canada Gardens’ outdoor amenities. A wooden pirate ship playground and work-from-home sheds in the vast gardens engulf residents in a natural envelope, enhancing wellbeing and encouraging creativity and productivity.

View to a pastel green work-from-home shed

Vegetation is another key feature that the designers incorporated. Residents have access to an acre of garden space, including flowerbeds, large trees and grassy lawns speckled with outdoor kitchens and barbecues for resident use. Gardening beds for fruits and vegetables are also available for hire. This, in turn, reduces residents’ carbon footprints and fosters a deeper connection with the food they eat.

Work-from-home shed opened up to see the interior. A small desk, chairs, and potted <a href='https://shop.lapdrop.com/product/12-holes-plant-site-hydroponic-garden-pots-planters-system-i' target='_blank'>plant</a> fill the minimalist space” class=”wp-image-2345854 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/05/WFH-sheds-889×591.jpg” data-idx=”4″ data-postid=”2345846″ width=”889″ height=”591″></figure>
<p>Plants brought into the shared interior spaces further improve the internal environment and resident-wellbeing. The <a href=clubhouse, which serves as a leisurely community hub, is studded with hanging baskets and potted displays. Additionally, the super-lobby features Ficus Nitida trees and Monstera planters. These complement the suspended garden from the library balcony above, which will form a dense green wall over time.

Roof terrace with various seating spaces, including light wood picnic tables and bright orange and light grey sofas

While Canada Gardens is a recent development in London, its biophilic approach creates spaces that look and feel good to live in, enriching the lives of residents.

+ Quintain Living

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