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Hues, the new PET-based acoustic solution for interiors

Hues, the new PET-based acoustic solution for interiors

Turf is a Chicago-based company that provides innovative products for architectural acoustic solutions. They recently released a new collection of acoustic damping material called Hues, which features 32 different color swatches. The new palette explores the connections between color, sound and texture, while offering solutions to achieve the desired sensory stimulation in a space.

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Colorful swatches of felt fanned out

The collection features felt acoustic solutions made from 60% recycled PET plastic. They also use on-demand manufacturing to limit inventory-associated waste. By using post-industrial waste, the team had to understand how the material would behave and showcase the different colors in the selected palette.

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Work space surrounded by bookshelves. Ceiling features Hues Topo Green ceiling baffles

Through much experimentation, the Turf team was able to harness the recycled material to their advantage and successfully capture a beautiful range of hues using the nine-millimeter felt. The fabric can be used as is or to make elegant ceiling baffles and wall tiles.

Flexible work/lounge space with decorative Hues Royal Blue and Azure ceiling baffles

To put together Hues, the Turf team carried out research to understand what designers and occupants require for optimal acoustic solutions. Firstly, they began by exploring trends and the market landscape in 2019. They then worked with designers to understand their needs for acoustic solutions, particularly concerning color specifications and textures. Furthermore, the team explored how to put together a material palette that was inclusive for all communities, including a neurodiverse and inclusive population.

Red and orange themed lounge space with Hues Red ceiling baffles

Through the spectrum of warm and cool colors in both neutral and vibrant shades, Hues caters to a variety of commercial spaces. Moreover, selected felt swatches can enhance the interiors to match the mood and atmosphere the designers would like to evoke.

Decorative arrangement of Hues by Turf felt swatches

Since colors impact occupant well-being and the perception of one’s environment, using Turf’s new collection can make spaces more conducive for their respective functions. This includes optimizing spaces for healing, living, working, learning and playing.

Over the span of almost three years, Turf was able to create and hone its new collection of optimal acoustic solutions. Through their explorations of color, tactility and acoustics, they were able to put together a material palette that caters to varying spatial requirements and communities. Their recycled PET-felt swatches are not only visually appealing but maximize occupant wellbeing and soundproofing.

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