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HP moves toward 100% plastic free with Choose Packaging

HP moves toward 100% plastic free with Choose Packaging

As consumers, we make countless purchasing decisions daily. Moreover, we are often limited by the options companies provide. It becomes challenging to find environmentally-responsible alternatives. A newly-developed packaging company, however, is changing the entire landscape of single-use plastic. Their zero-plastic bottles can be used for countless everyday products. 

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Choose Packaging, based out of Edinburgh, is determined to eliminate all petroleum-based bottles with a better solution. Their innovative paper bottle is now the first and only commercially-available, zero-plastic bottle of its kind. While some of the sizes and shapes are standardized, each bottle can be customized to meet the customer’s needs with options from 30 milliliter up to one liter.

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Two cardboard boxes stacked on top of it each other. The top box is opened up to have two bottles sitting within it. There is also two bottles standing beside the boxes.

HP Inc. recently acquired the brand in alignment with its own sustainability goals. Hewlett-Packard (HP), primarily known for computers and printers, might seem like an odd parent for a packaging development company. However, HP is already uniquely positioned to expand their position in sustainable packaging. They are building on their introduction of a fiber-based, 3D printing-enabled molded fiber tooling solution.

“As a plastic-free packaging development company, we’ve successfully created technology that can provide a viable alternative to plastic bottles to help eliminate single-use PET packaging,” said James Longcroft, founder and managing director of Choose Packaging. “HP’s world-class capabilities and expertise can help scale our impact at a global level. We are thrilled to join the HP team and couldn’t have chosen a better match in terms of our shared goals for business, technology, sustainability and a values-oriented culture.”

The Choose technology can be used for a variety of liquid products. Additionally, the paper-based bottles are made from natural materials that are organically non-toxic. The bottles are constructed from a paper casing lined with a plant-based waterproof liner.

Two hands holding onto a square product that has a <a href='https://rascanfashion.store/product/black-suit' target='_blank'>black</a> square within in” class=”wp-image-2338421 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/03/HP-Molded-Fiber_HP-Desktop-Mini-889×592.jpg” data-idx=”2″ data-postid=”2337355″ width=”889″ height=”592″></figure>
<p>Best of all, the materials used to make Choose bottles are 100% plastic-free. Labels are made from paper or companies can choose to skip the label and have their message or logo directly imprinted onto the bottle. The bottle’s paper exterior is made from <a href=recycled newspaper and the cap is metal. The cap is sealed using a cellulose-based tape. 

“Henkel drives active progress towards a circular economy by creating smarter packaging for the benefit of people and the planet,” said Berthold Schreck, R&D Vice President Laundry Care, Henkel.  “Choose and HP bring together a game-changing combination of packaging technologies and we are excited to collaborate to develop new sustainable packaging solutions and reduce plastics in our consumer goods products.”

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