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Here in Melton, businesses can create a greener future

Here in Melton, businesses can create a greener future

In more ways than one, the Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence (BACE) is building a better future. That’s why it was designed to fight the environmental problems the world is facing today.

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A wooden and cement structure sits during a stormy evening

The simple, elegant design focus was long-term, low-running costs. The two-story building has a design uncomplicated with embellishments and extras. On the outside, there are lot of tall windows and durable materials. Meanwhile, the interior is big and open to take advantage of the natural light with gleaming wood everywhere.

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An outside eating pavilion area

The building will serve as a business incubator for startup businesses. It was a project created by the city of Melton, Australia and the Department of Sustainability. There is an employment problem in Melton, where a lack of jobs has prevented growth. The Western BACE seeks to change all that by providing new opportunities and the city of Melton is looking toward tomorrow.

Interior hallways

In every way, the building is focused on the future. It has a Green Star 6-star Certification and a certified “as-built” rating. Green Star buildings are required to meet the terms outlined by the Paris Agreement. That’s because Green Star’s goal is for all new buildings to be net-zero carbon. All building projects must meet a minimum of 10 expectations to get a Green Star rating. Additionally, they must be energy-efficient, water-efficient, provide healthy spaces and be built responsibly. Also, buildings must be fossil-fuel free and powered by renewable energy. Lastly, they must be built with low carbon materials.

Interior desk area with high-chairs and orb-like lights hanging from the ceiling

Therefore, buildings with a 6-star rating, which is the highest, are highly efficient and make contributions to the community. This particular design won an Architecture and Design Sustainability Award in 2015. Several minds came together to create this building, including engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants and landscape architects.

A break/sitting area with a blue carpet and blue chairs with wooden designs

Finally, the neutral color palette inside contains shades found in nature: soft blue, rich natural wood, glowing white, muted gray, black and beige. The spaces are full of light. Outside, stunning natural vistas are in every direction. Clean lines and minimalistic design create an environment that inspires innovation and creativity. Maybe here, tomorrow’s business leaders will create the brands, products and ideas that shape the future of the world.

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Photography by Alice Hutchison

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