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Here between the glass panels are plants and office space

Here between the glass panels are plants and office space

Glass walls, natural growing plants and wood will meet you everywhere you go in the Sekisui House. The Sumu Fumu Terrace in Minato City, Japan was designed by nendo architects in collaboration with Yukiko Tomotsune.

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An office building with glass panels and plants in between them

The glass panels create an open, expansive design everywhere, no matter where you’re within the space. The glass panels actually function something like greenhouses. These areas provide space for plants, creating walls of green all around. This is how nature can be integrated into interior design in a way that’s elegant and easy.

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An eating area with glass walls

Furthermore, natural light fills up the spaces, keeping everything bright. The whole design is made with glass panels and two hundred frames. The frames are placed in a spiral shape and there are plants everywhere to create division and natural beauty throughout.

Podiums of wooden slats surrounded by glass windows and plants

Additionally, rails were built into the glass doors to allow for hangers, hooks, monitors and shelves. The rest of the interior space is dominated by gorgeous wood. It covers the floor and creates the bar area at the center of the spiral. It’s a perfect setting for neutral, low-profile furnishings and simple, elegant design. All together, it’s a simply stunning example of how interior design can honor nature’s beauty and remain functional and elegant. Simple curtains, blinds or shades can provide privacy when it’s desired, so that any area of the space can be hidden from view.

A sofa area with a coffee table in between them

As a result, it’s a stunning example of what modern design can do. Nature speaks for itself in this design that truly honors the natural world. Light, greenery, wood all comes together to create something that is truly unique.

An office meeting room with a wall of glass and plants pressed against them

Innovative design that honors nature is the only way to move forward. For too long, home and building design has failed to respect the natural world. Thankfully, more designers are coming together to help solve the world’s problems through practical, innovative designs that make use of natural resources and landscaping. This amazing building is one example of how beautiful and functional these design concepts can be.

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