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Heinz to package ketchup in recyclable paper bottles

Heinz to package ketchup in recyclable paper bottles

Food and beverage giant Heinz announced that it will be launching a new sustainable paper package for its ketchup. In partnership with sustainable packaging company Pulpex, the two will launch the world’s first ketchup packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. According to Pulplexc, the bottle will be made from wood sourced in a sustainable manner.

Pulpex is the mind behind the all-paper packaging for Whisky brand Johnny Walker. The company says that they target to make all their packaging recyclable by 2025. In this line, they are working with different players to make it a reality.

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“We believe that the scope for paper-based packaging is huge, and when global household names like Heinz embrace this type of innovative technology, it’s good news for everyone – consumers and the planet,” states Pulpex CEO Scott Winston.

According to Winston, they also plan to use the technology for other products to make them all less polluting to the environment. Ideally, the company aims at cutting both land and air pollution. In this regard, they see paper packaging as a better alternative to plastic and glass bottles in regards to a carbon footprint.

Heinz has assured its customers that the new packaging will not affect the taste of ketchup. However, they say that there are still works underway to ensure that the packaging does not affect the shelf life of products. 

The recyclable bottle will be made available in stores soon. Even so, the company will not abandon glass and plastic packaging yet. In the initial trials, the company hopes to find out if the paper bottle will still favor the customary tapping at the bottom of the bottle to get ketchup out.

Kraft Heinz already uses up to 30% recyclable materials in its packaging bottles. “Packaging waste is an industry-wide challenge that we must all do our part to address,” Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio said. “This new Heinz bottle is one example of how we are applying creativity and innovation to explore new ways to provide consumers with the products they know and love while also thinking sustainably.”

Heinz joins a long list of other brands that are moving towards green packaging solutions. Kari-Out, a company that makes takeout food packaging,  announced in March that it was shifting to sustainable solutions. Trader Joe’s also recently announced moving away from single-use plastic. With Heinz targeting to attain net-zero by 2050, the move is a step in the right direction.

Via Daily Mail, CBS News, Fox2Now


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