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Green building design was inspired by the Amazon rainforest

Green building design was inspired by the Amazon rainforest

French-Brazilian Triptyque Architecture designed a tropical building in Paris, France, bringing the Amazon rainforest to France. The designers say the sustainable building, called Villa M, “aims to create a new pact between cities, nature and health.”

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A building with a wall of greenery

Villa M is a mixed-use complex located in Boulevard Pasteur, in the Parisian borough of Montparnasse. It’s a naturalist architectural manifesto, a building of a new era, bringing man into harmony with nature.

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An interior <a href='https://bestkadin.com/category/food-and-drink' target='_blank'>restaurant</a> seating area” class=”wp-image-2347179 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/06/73139-full_2001-1_73139_sc_v2com-889×592.jpg” data-idx=”2″ data-postid=”2344906″ width=”889″ height=”592″></figure>
<p>“We could not conceive a building dedicated to health and mutualism without including a notion of <a href=hospitality, welcome, hotel business,” said Thierry Lorente, Villa M concept creator and CEO of Group Pasteur Mutualite.

A window with plants on the other side

Additionally, Villa M is a living building with exterior plantings on every floor. The geometry of the building is formed by metal structural beams that house medicinal herbal plants, fruit trees and large perennial plants.

An outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery

As a result, it forms an exoskeleton on the building with a minimalist style built from prefab pieces for sustainable construction. The exterior of the building holds vertical gardens that grow to cover the entire surface of the building. Moreover, the many gardens help reduce heating and cooling needs of the building by insulating the interior. This avoids energy and carbon waste, and is a low-tech option for making a sustainable and beautiful building.

A green rooftop filled with plants

The design intends to bring nature back to the city, and offer residents a new experience of what it means to live in a “nature-city.” Businesses contained in Villa M were chosen along the theme of saving lives and improving the health of the world. A hotel, restaurant, bar and conference area are combined with a co-working area and showroom for health startups exchanging ideas and promoting technology that can support global healthcare.

A bedroom connected to a seating area

Furthermore, Villa M is designed to make visitors feel comfortable and at home whether they stay for a short period or longer. Durable materials in organic colors were used along with mirrors and eco-friendly products to create a peaceful environment. The hotel features a boxing and fitness club and yoga studios. The top floor of Villa M has a view of the Eiffel Tower with the roof planted with fruit trees and plants and a seating area for relaxing.

A building with a green wall covered with plants at every level

Lastly, Triptyque projects have been awarded as Saint-Gobain Innovation and Sustainable Masterprize, EDF Innovation Award and Laureate Zumtobel Built Environment.

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