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Good Earth Tea celebrates 50th anniversary with tasty blends

Good Earth Tea celebrates 50th anniversary with tasty blends

Any tea drinker will likely recognize the Good Earth Tea brand. Considering it was launched in sunny California in 1972 and has continuously developed new flavors for 50 years, it’s a well-known brand for novice or veteran palettes.

Left, a purple box of Good Earth Tea. Right, a green box.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Good Earth has released two anniversary-edition teas to reflect on its long-standing presence in the tea market. The relaunch of these legacy blends offers lemongrass green tea and chai black tea. Both offerings come in newly-designed boxes.

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In alignment with its goals since inception, Good Earth relies on natural ingredients for all of its blends. Additionally, all teas are void of artificial flavors and preservatives.

Good Earth chose the company name decades ago to emphasize a passion for the environment and spending time in the California outdoors. The same company values stand firm today. To highlight its commitment to the community and the planet, Good Earth is announcing the Be the Good Campaign, a national initiative to inspire acts of good. For the company’s part, it sources wholesome ingredients, avoids plastic in shipping and uses 100% recyclable boxes. 

The company promotes the idea that it feels good to do the right thing for the people, plants and animals on the planet. In addition to quality tea, the Good Earth name also represents being good to the earth. With this in mind, the campaign’s goal is to rally the community, both nationally and in California, to participate in acts of kindness. The premise is to celebrate the good things, big and small, to help radiate positivity. 

Illustration of an aerial view of a teacup and box of tea.

The campaign includes an informational drive sharing tips and tricks for positive, impactful behavior across social platforms. It also plans to send out surprise packages to consumers it identifies as doing good in their communities.

In alignment with doing what’s right and giving back, Good Earth sources Rainforest Alliance ingredients in its Sensorial Blends. Good Earth supports the Rainforest Alliance’s work toward stopping child labor, ensuring gender equality, ending deforestation, advocating sustainable agriculture, supporting small farmers and much more. 

Good Earth was one of the first American herbal tea companies, so it’s had time to develop relationships in all areas of the business. For example, Good Earth works with the Ethical Tea Partnership to create “a fairer, better, more sustainable tea industry for workers, farmers and the environment.” The company’s philosophy is communal and not individual, expressed when it states, “We’re all in this together, so we should help each other out.” Responsibly sourcing ingredients and treating workers fairly is a message that’s ‘in the tea leaves’.

Good Earth teas can be found in retail locations everywhere, or you can order online. In addition to the anniversary releases, new herb and berry blends in the Sensorial line include combinations like Spiced Cherry, Ginger, Turmeric and Lemon, Hibiscus, Rose and Sweet Berries, Passionfruit and Orange, and Elderflower and Pear. The Sweet and Spicy line is also popular with intriguing twists on chamomile, caramel chai, vanilla chai, mango, pomegranate, matcha and peppermint. You can also find Ayurveda, black and green varieties. 

A purple box of Good Earth Tea to the left of a bleu and gold teacup.

Good Earth Tea review

I’m not new to Good Earth teas, and they’re not new to me. But, there are many flavors I’ve yet to savor, including the two newest offerings. To solve that issue, the company sent me a few boxes of the 50th Anniversary Lemongrass-flavored Green Tea and the Chai-flavored Black Tea. 

After sipping on them over the past few weeks, I’m inclined to pick up more flavors next time I’m at the market. I was repeatedly reminded that Good Earth offers a solid, reliable and flavorful tea. It’s just that simple. 

The new flavors are bold and vibrant without being overwhelming. The Lemongrass Green Tea balances a combination of tropical and peach flavors with a touch of mint on a foundation of green tea. It offers a pleasant aroma and, like a fine wine, allows different flavors to rise to the surface depending on what you eat with it. 

The Chai-flavored Black Tea caused me some hesitation. I’m a situational Chai fan, but I’ve also had some I just didn’t care for. This one, however, I love. I don’t know whether it’s the foundation of black tea or the spicy notes on the nose and the tongue, but it’s been a constant in my get-through-the-afternoon arsenal. 

Sometimes it’s hard to stand out in an industry — especially one that’s been around as long as the spice trade. But Good Earth offers quality blends that speak to the simplicity of a good cup of tea.

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