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Fresco XL rivals Tesla as an all-purpose electric vehicle

Fresco XL rivals Tesla as an all-purpose electric vehicle

Norwegian electric vehicle Fresco Company released their Fresco XL, which gets 1000 kilometers (around 620 miles) to a charge. The Fresco XL even rivals Tesla as an all-purpose daily driver. It also has no combustion engine, just a motor, creating a quiet, smooth ride that is as sustainable as it is enjoyable.

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“We are beyond grateful for all of the attention Fresco XL has received,” said Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CFO and member of the board of Fresco. “Therefore, we are pleased to present target specifications and more information about our all-electric POD.”

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Moreover, Fresco XL will not only have an electric motor on each wheel axle, but comes with a driving range of approximately 620 miles per charge. This was inspired by the harsh winter climate most Norwegian customers are located in.

“Not only will this standard equipment ensure better traction on slippery roads, but the all-wheel-drive will make the Fresco XL off-road capable as well,” said Espen Kvalvik, CEO and chairman of the board of Fresco.

The Fresco XL will come with an extra-large battery pack that allows for longer road trips. It will also come with aerodynamic rims, ensuring a high energy efficiency.

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The Fresco XL can also be used as a battery backup power source. It could double as a generator for your home or used as a camper.

“In the case you need some additional energy, hook up your Fresco XL to your house or cabin,” said Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO and member of the board of Fresco. “Due to its rather large battery pack, it would essentially work as a backup unit, and as the Fresco XL is such an extra-large vehicle, you can quite easily use it for camping and road trips. All you need to do is pull down the seats to create a flat surface, put in your bedding and use it as a camper.”

The back of two black cars against a white background

We love the flexible design and use for this new EV. And since a lot of electric car adoption is just waiting on longer-range batteries, the Fresco XL is a fantastic new addition to the world’s EV lineup.

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