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Fresco Motors unveils futuristic energy-positive campus

Fresco Motors unveils futuristic energy-positive campus

Norwegian electric vehicle maker Fresco Motors announced plans for their energy-positive corporate campus. Fresco Campus will be powered by solar and wind. It hopes to become one of the world’s most energy-positive facilities.

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A pathway that leads into a skyline of tall structures and a domed structure hugging a riverbank

However, Fresco Motors is still considering locations for their new facility. The company will locate the campus in any country that meets the following criteria:

  • A country located by the ocean, train tracks and airports for easy global shipping.
  • An already existing workforce that can build and maintain the facility.
  • Available resources to build the facility out of.

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Elongated structures that rise from a marshy landscape

Additionally, Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CFO and member of the board of Fresco, believes many companies promote sustainability. Despite that, many companies then outsource work to unethical companies. For Lanto, it’s about being the change for the planet, but also for workers.

“…I might be projecting my own values here, but I firmly believe that most people would much more enjoy creating exciting products in a healthy work-life environment, rather than doing so for a soulless corporation while being in a concrete jungle,” he said.

A circle overview of the Fresco Campus which has marshy landscapes within the circle enclosure

Furthermore, Espen Kvalvik, CEO and chairman of the board of Fresco, agrees that it’s a rare thing that a company really stands for something more than making money. The campus is a chance to create something more out of a company facility.

“It includes everything that can be found in a healthy city, which is everything from office spaces, subterranean production facilities, malls, apartment buildings, lovely parks, et cetera,” Kvalvik said. “It’s time to revolutionize the work-life experience.”

Two black electric vehicles riding down a street

Moreover, it is a frank departure from most companies’ priorities — putting shareholder profits above any benefit to employees or the planet. There are a number of recent manufacturing headquarter projects that follow similar values. Some these include: sustainably built and run, human-centered design and with an eye for wellness.

A black vehicle driving down a street

“It’s time to rethink the way we both work and live,” said Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO and member of the board of Fresco.

Through the Fresco Campus, they aim to achieve a balance between work and a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, the goal is to employ thousands of people while operating the facilities in a sustainable manner.

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