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Earth911 Podcast: Peter Fusaro Takes the Wall Street Green Conference Global

Earth911 Podcast: Peter Fusaro Takes the Wall Street Green Conference Global

For 23 years, Peter Fusaro has been a leading force in the green economy. His exclusive Wall Street Green conference has been a hot ticket for investors and executives looking for sustainable paths forward since 2002. This year marks an exciting milestone, as the Wall Street Green Conference will go global with the Wall Street Green Digital Summit on October 15th, 2024. The 12-hour marathon online event will bring together practitioners, investors, and green-thinking startups from around the world through a virtual platform. From Singapore to Saskatchewan, Sydney to Seoul, the summit will showcase groundbreaking products, services, and ideas aimed at helping the planet and the green economy thrive. You can sign up to attend the 24 hour virtual conference for just $25 and hear featured speakers from around the world at https://wallstreetgreendigital.com/

Peter Fusaro, Founder of the Wall Street Green Digital Summit, is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

Energy. Food. Water. Peter explores the foundations of human society, what we work to make available to ourselves and our neighbors so that we can live a peaceful, prosperous life. Each of these essential commodities are seeing rapid, unsettling change and the world order, which was built on burning petroleum, coal, and gas, is already giving way to a new regime of clean, renewable energy. As we measure more human activity, we can create powerful financial incentives to move from wasteful to sustainable, efficient lifestyles and business practices. The question is who will establish the rules of these new markets. That question will not be settled by one government or one industry, because the world is too interconnected and tuned into these issues. There’s a great negotiation underway, led by innovators and policymakers who ultimately answer to every individual citizen when they make a choice at the grocery store, the car dealership, in the voting booth, and at home each and every day. It’s time to learn as much as you can and jump into to the debate. The Wall Street Green Digital Summit global summit will facilitate connections between investors and managers to encourage business success built on sustainable development. Attendees will include venture capitalists, family wealth managers, startups in the green economy, government officials, corporate sustainability officers, and media.

Editor’s Note: Earth911 is a Wall Street Green media partner.

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