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Earth911 Podcast: Nick Cavanaugh on the Sensible Weather Guarantee

Earth911 Podcast: Nick Cavanaugh on the Sensible Weather Guarantee

Besides food, humans have probably been talking about the weather longer than anything else. In our increasingly chaotic climate, weather information will be more relevant to every decision we make. Nick Cavanaugh, founder of SensibleWeather.com, a Santa Monica, Calif., provider of climate risk information, joins the conversation to explain how weather data can help anticipate how weather will impact our everyday lives. Sensible Weather’s first service is focused on lowering the risk from weather impacts for travelers and travel companies, from airlines to resorts. This allows travelers to book trips with guarantees that if weather interferes with their plans they can get a refund.

Nick Cavanaugh, Founder of SensibleWeather.com
Nick Cavanaugh, Founder of SensibleWeather.com, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

2021 was the second most expensive year in history for weather-related damage at $145 billion in damage from storms, floods, drought, wildfire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more, and that does not include all the tertiary expenses that arise from extreme weather events. Nick explains how weather risk assessments will change buying a new home, selecting a roof, and picking the best outdoor wedding date for a given location. You can learn more about Sensible Weather at sensibleweather.com

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