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Earth911 Podcast: Judi Townsend’s Circular Economy-Inspired Mannequin Madness

Earth911 Podcast: Judi Townsend’s Circular Economy-Inspired Mannequin Madness

Judi Townsend, founder of Oakland, Calif-based Mannequin Madness, is on a mission to keep mannequins in use to reduce the environmental impact of the retail industry. The shop sells full mannequins, dress forms, torsos and butts, limbs, replacement parts, and even dog and cat mannequins. Mannequin Madness is recycling more than 100,000 pounds of mannequins each year and has grown into a thriving business since it was founded in her backyard more than 20 years ago. Her customers include retailers, artists, and fashion and sports enthusiasts who want to display clothing in their homes.

Judi Townsend, founder of MannequinMadness.com
Judi Townsend, founder of MannequinMadness.com, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Judi is an example of the many small, local, or regional entrepreneurs that can build systems to ensure the continued use of products in a more sustainable economy. We’re going to grow a circular economy from the ground up. Learn from an innovator who is making local and specialized reuse and recycling happen. You can learn more at mannequinmadness.com.

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