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Earth911 Podcast: Investing to Empower Future Generations with Doug Heske, Part 1

Earth911 Podcast: Investing to Empower Future Generations with Doug Heske, Part 1

Mitch Ratcliffe sits down with Newday Impact Investing CEO Doug Heske to start a two-part ESG investing conversation on how to invest to help future generations meet the unique challenges of the climate crisis and global competition. More than 1.8 billion youth around the world are readying themselves to take their place in their economies and communities. But as we know, today’s challenges are more technologically and intellectually difficult than the ones their parents and grandparents faced. They can be ready for great achievements with the right tools and support, and Doug identifies the companies working to engage with youth around the world.

Doug Heske, CEO of Newday Impact Investing
Doug Heske, CEO of Newday Impact Investing, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Youth, especially in Africa, need to become skilled at regenerative agriculture; the restoration of the planet; and providing equitable access to food, water, and other resources. They’ll also need new tools to collaborate remotely to solve global problems, and the mental health services necessary to survive and thrive despite eco-anxiety. Today, we’ll walk through a list of stocks to consider if your priority is education and youth empowerment, including Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM), Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM), Chegg (NYSE: CHGG), Stride (NYSE: LRN), 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU), Talkspace (NASDAQ: TALK), Atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATAI), and Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS).

You can learn more about Newday Impact Investing’s sustainable development equity portfolio at newdayimpact.com.

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