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Earth911 Podcast: Frank Dalene on Decarbonizing the World With ICEMAN

Earth911 Podcast: Frank Dalene on Decarbonizing the World With ICEMAN

Markets are characterized by competition over exclusive control of resources, but as our guest today, Frank Dalene, writes in his new book, Decarbonize the World: Solving the Climate Crisis While Improving Profits In Your Business, “here’s the problem: we are all part of the same planet. We all live in the same closed environment. We all have the same atmosphere. We all breathe the same air.” Frank joins us today to discuss how businesses and regulators need to rethink their approach to markets in order to recognize our shared resources and reverse global warming. Frank is also president and CEO of Telemark Inc., a construction business that pioneered green building practices and helped introduce New York state’s green building standard.

Frank Dalene, author of Decarbonizing the World
Frank Dalene, author of Decarbonizing the World, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Frank developed the International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed to Neutrality (ICEMAN) methodology to describe the carbon impact of products, buildings, and food. Eventually, the ICEMAN system will provide a carbon factor index score that can be placed on products and service offerings to make it easier for everyone to make informed, sustainable choices. We discuss how the carbon scoring system might be introduced and what it can account for in easy-to-use consumer labeling. You can learn more about Frank and Decarbonize the World at frankdalene.com.

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