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Earth911 Podcast: eBliss CEO Bill Klehm’s Vision for the Electrification of Local Transportation

Earth911 Podcast: eBliss CEO Bill Klehm’s Vision for the Electrification of Local Transportation

If we intend to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the future of local transportation must look a lot different than today’s car- and heavy vehicle-dominated traffic. The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy reports that 64% of trips, across all types of transportation, involve traveling fewer than 5 miles. Only 2% of trips reach more than 50 miles. Local transportation is ripe for reinvention and our guest today is working to introduce electric bikes and light vehicles that can displace the car and truck. Meet Bill Klehm, chairman and CEO of eBliss Global, an electric bike maker developing more than 30 new e-bike models designed for local personal and business use. Bill brings hefty transportation credentials to the alternative transportation startup. He led the launch of Ford’s customer service division, developed the CarFax vehicle history report, was CEO of Fallbrook Technologies, which introduced a novel transmission technology for bicycles, and was CEO of Ford’s Visteon Climate Control division when it was spun out into a separate, publicly traded company.

Bill Klehm, chairman and CEO of eBliss
Bill Klehm, chairman and CEO of eBliss, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Bill and his team launched eBliss in 2022 and several models are currently available from EVOKE and The Ride. eBliss bikes feature European Union-certified batteries and the company is developing a comprehensive recycling program to ensure materials and bike components are reused and recycled for lower carbon and water impacts compared to using virgin materials. We discuss the future of battery technology, including how to eliminate the threat of fire from e-bike batteries, along with eBliss’ plans to delivery highly personalized electric bikes, light vehicles and delivery vehicles that combine human and electric power. Bill contends that moving past cars in local transportation will create a healthier and more prosperous lifestyle, including the dawn of the three-bike garage. You can learn more about eBliss at ebliss.global and you can browse their bike offerings at rideevoke.com and theridebikes.com.

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