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CURA offers complete plant care anywhere in your home

CURA offers complete plant care anywhere in your home

After several successful product launches, the Altifarm team proudly introduced its newest plant care system, CURA, to Kickstarter. It was quickly rewarded with 1,055 backers pledging over $188,000, surpassing the original $25,000 goal.

A light ring hovering above a plant on a table

CURA offers “360 Degree Plant Care” with a system that allows owners to grow all varieties of plants in nearly any space. The full-spectrum light ring provides the right kind of light for every kind of plant. It can vary the amount of light based on the needs of plants at different times in the growth cycle. Easy-to-use settings guide the system to provide the right light amount and spectrum options for vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, saplings, houseplants and decorative foliage. 

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A light ring hovering above a plant

Furthermore, CURA is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable so you can control the device from your phone, telling it when to turn on or off light and when to water plants. It’s even putting the finishing touches on compatibility with your home’s Alexa or Google Home hub, so you can use the power of voice to override the built-in timer on the device. 

The full CURA hovering above a potted plant with a <a href='https://rascanfashion.store/product/black-shoe' target='_blank'>black</a> device standing next to it” class=”wp-image-2347441 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/06/CURA-1-2-889×500.jpg” data-idx=”3″ data-postid=”2346265″ width=”889″ height=”500″></figure>
<p>As part of your <a href=interior design, CURA offers stands in three finishes: graphite, silver and gold. Plus, they are available in three styles, so you can place the stand on the ground, on a desk or mount it to a wall. CURA is available in three model sizes, covering the needs of a sprouting herb up to those of a big houseplant. 

A red and blue glow from a light room hovering above a plant

The light ring can even serve as a backdrop for your dance party or set ambience in a room with color variations that range the spectrum of whites all the way to psychedelic lights in motion. A diffuser directs the light away from the plant so you can use it as a strobe-type light without affecting the growth of the plant. 

A shower looking device above a potted plant

Additionally, CURA also automatically takes care of watering needs with a contained system. The pump draws water from a reservoir below the planter, or it can source from any container you place nearby. It’s designed to be able to support up to three planters placed near each other. 

A light ring attached from a wall

Whether you use the preset options or manage the system manually, CURA allows plants to grow without natural light and without fear of forgetting to water. Plus, plants grow faster so food harvests come quicker and more reliably. With CURA, plants know no seasons so you can grow year round. 

+ Altifarm Enverde LLC

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