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Crash after hitting the waves at this surfers refuge

Crash after hitting the waves at this surfers refuge

What began as a discussion around creating a crash pad for surfers came to reality. It resulted in a coastal refuge for active water sports enthusiasts frequenting La Saladita Beach in La Saladita, Mexico

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A two-story house that it lit from inside during a dark night

Many discussions between the client and Architect Chris Nu brought the project into focus. There was a clear vision for a gathering place of like-minded friends. The project was named Casa Nu (from the French “nous”, we, personal pronoun) and sits perched among the mango trees on a corner lot.

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An courtyard enclosed within the fencing of the house has chairs and table

Furthermore, the home is as much an outdoor living space as an indoor one. There are unconventional solutions to integrate a laundry area, storage space, a guest bathroom and a utilities room in an enclosed courtyard. A surfboard rack (essential indeed) and an area to lock them up when not in use was also included in the outdoor space. Private outdoor showers further compliment the outer perimeter of the lot. 

Interior bedroom has a wall of windows and cabinets

The inside of the home consists of two stories. The top level is a loft with a king-sized bed and a modular wardrobe. The main floor features a kitchen for post-surf food prep, living room and a bathroom that can accommodate guests with separate toilet and shower areas.

A kitchen space features wood furnishings and an island with wooden stools

Additionally, material selection was a high priority for the client and architect. There was a goal of using natural materials that would organically patina and appear natural with age. This effort is seen in the baked pinewood on the doors and windows, as well as in the various pre-oxidized and varnished metallic elements.

An outdoor shower area is built of wood and decorated with planters

To further express the rustic nature of the architectural design, the concrete with slat formwork was left exposed, which also highlights the strength of the walls. Polished concrete with brass joints on the floor provide a similar effect. 

Solar panels are installed at the top of the Casa NU

Much effort was dedicated to creating a minimalist space that feels open and spacious with all the comforts of home. Architect Chris Luce summarized, “Casa NU has all the essentials, to provide rest and peace, after a surf session.”

+ Chris Luce

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