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Container home is a unique getaway to the tropics

Container home is a unique getaway to the tropics

OOST Kampville is a container home cabin designed by Tung Jai Ork Baab near Bangkok, Thailand. It was built on low flooding land developed from rice paddies as a weekend house for a multi-generational family who wanted an escape from city life. The land was planted with orchards. Also, it has a small reservoir dug out to contain the trees and house.

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A triangular house made out of containers

The owners wanted a home they could rent out as a private vacation rental to a family with kids. Therefore, they gave free reign to the architects to bring that vision to life. Initially, the idea was to use prefab construction. This was to get around the issue of finding a local contractor to build the home. However, it gave rise to the idea of a shipping container home.

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Two house structures made out of containers

“The key idea was to create the outdoor getaway destination, the connection of the outdoor — space in between — indoor space was used to create the spatial configuration of the house,” the architects explained.

In the container cabin, the connection of two containers create the common room for the home. Meanwhile, the pantry and dining room are in another container.

A triangle roofed cabin made out of containers

Additionally, between those rooms is a middle deck area, a partially outdoor space that serves as main living room for the house. The second level private rooms is another container hanging on top of the double container side to create a bedroom with a private deck.

Interior living <a href='https://floridabundledgolf.com/glen-eagle-bundled-golf-community-naples-florida' target='_blank'>room</a> area has metal seating” class=”wp-image-2345391 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/05/oost24-889×500.jpg” data-idx=”4″ data-postid=”2342449″ width=”889″ height=”500″></figure>
<p>Moreover, the unique triangular roof is for <a href=ventilation. The designers used an A-Frame roof shape to shade the home. The metal sheet roof also protects from heat and rain. Additionally, a translucent roof in the middle part of the home allows for natural daylight. The lower part of the A-Frame roof contains a steel plate. It protects from rain and extra sunlight but still allows breezes to filter throughout the house.

A playground area with the triangle cabin in the background

Next, there is an outdoor dining area and kitchen beside the cabin. Plus, there’s an extra detached container bedroom that’s connected to a small swimming pool alongside the man-made reservoir.

A <a href='https://marcschuetzler.de' target='_blank'>home</a> beside a riverbank” class=”wp-image-2345393 lightbox-opener full-lightbox lazyload” data-src=”//inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2022/05/oost11-889×667.jpg” data-idx=”6″ data-postid=”2342449″ width=”889″ height=”667″></figure>
<p>As a result, it’s a totally unique take on container homes, adapted to fit a <a href=tropical climate. The space is also flexible for a variety of uses for multiple generations of a family, or for multiple renters.

+ Tung Jai Ork Baab

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